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hemp hawaiian shirtMost rayon garments should be dry-cleaned, but some types of fabric and garment construction are such that they can be hand or machine washed. For washable items, use the following as a guide: Use mild lukewarm or cool suds. Gently squeeze suds through the fabric and rinse in lukewarm water. Do not wring or twist the article. Smooth or shake out the article and place on a non-rust hanger to dry. Press the article while damp on the wrong side with the iron at a moderate setting. If finishing on the right side is required, a press cloth should be used. Between wearings, rayon articles may be pressed with a cool iron. (For specific instruction refer to the garment's sewn-in care label.)


Cotton can be easily laundered. It can withstand high temperatures (boiling water does not hurt the fiber). Any good detergent can be used to wash cotton. Chlorine bleach can be used safely on cotton whites. Use color safe bleach on dyed cottons. Since cotton fibers are fairly inelastic cotton fabrics may wrinkle easily. And, fabric may need frequent ironing. However, cotton fabric can be treated with a wrinkle resistant finish to create a more resilient fabric/garment. The label will tell you if this finish has been applied. A higher heat setting is needed in the dryer to dry cotton. Cotton will take much longer to dry than less absorbent fibers. Cotton can be ironed with a hot iron, and does not scorch easily.


It cannot be stressed enough... hemp is TOUGH. One hemp shirt can outlast 20 cotton shirts. Any good detergent can be used to wash hemp. No bleach. Can be ironed. Does not scorch easily. Legal to own and wear Comfortable, non scratchy Wicks perspiration well Very environmentally sound. Look for a LOT of hemp garments in your future.


LIKRE (Artificial Silk)
What is "Likre"? Likre™ fabric (pronounced "Lie-Kree") is an artificial silk that is proprietary to the factory that makes the shirts offered on this site. It is not "Lycra™", which is a stretch fabric made by DuPont. Likre is non-sheer (has 'hand' heft), wicks away perspiration and does not stick when wet. Likre is widely sold throughout the Caribbean islands and world-wide, as hot climate apparel where it is widely popular.


Artificial fibers are extensively used as swimwear, lingerie, underwear, atheletic gear and other apparel worn close to the skin where comfort is most important. Spandex is one example. These artificial fibers are made from large-molecular-chain derivatives produced from oil, generally known as "polymers" or "polly" for short. Suppliers avoid the term "polly" like poison. The mistaken thought is towards leisure suits and hot, unbreatheable fabric that feels like plastic. To avoid this outdated perception, companies that make high tech, performance poly clothing now refer to them by a trade name.


Some can be machine washed cool, others hand washed. The cadillac of fabrics, every movement causes a gentle caress of silk. Wash per instructions on garment. Can be ironed, low heat. Durable. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer. Tends to be expensive Line dry (For specific instruction refer to the garment's sewn-in care label.)

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"Hello John, I like them fine. I've only worn the new ones around town, and to my sisters' for Easter. I did wear the first one I bought to Kemah last summer when the I took my wife, daughter and niece to the boardwalk there. Thanks for asking."
- Mark

"Got the shirts, they are beautiful! Thanks very much. Sincerely,
Claudio Ballard, Chairman
Iconic Motors LLC
- Claudio Ballard

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